Margareta Berg, after her Arts studies and a spell of modelling, began her career as an artist and designer. A traveller always in search of stimuli, she possesses creative flair and an entrepreneurial style that has led to the development of her design concept for one of the most unique hotels in the world located in the Sassi of Matera, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

/ This resulted in a sophisticated creative work of interior design harmonized by her planning and entrepreneurial rationale, much appreciated by international starchitects as well as by the press: The Times, The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Figaro, Vogue Russia all have described it as the new frontier of luxury, devoting whole pages to it. The Times has described it as one of the 10 most beautiful hotels in the world.

/ Having always cultivated a great passion for fashion, and in particular for accessories, in 2014 she took on the challenge with a new project: to create belts with a unique aesthetics, form and functionality. And thus the "Margareta Berg" brand was born.

margareta berg designer